Sunday, July 29, 2012

Empty Olympic seats bear testimony to politicians incompetence

It often appeared to me when living in Britain, that politicians could only spend the wealth which they extorted from others. The same held true for most public servants and nearly all quangos.

The empty seats at the Olympics will now provide daily proof of this stark fact, visible and daily evidence of how they have thus destroyed the nation's wealth, see here. No doubt they will contrive to disguise this truth, by cobbling together some cheapskate means of salvaging a little revenue on a day to day basis for seats that would otherwise be empty as mere window-dressing, to spare their embarassment.

It would not have been beyond the wit of any reasonably competent commercial enterprise to ensure that a main area of revenue raising in a venture now forecast to cost £11 billion is milked to the maximum, with seats subject to re-sale in the event of a no-show within a certain specified time.

It appears almost everything to do with making money is beyond the wit of those who stand for public office in the UK and of those they then appoint to perform the tasks they have been voted to oversee. In other words they are both witless and as has been proven time and again elsewhere in recent governance, without conscience, nor possibly even morals nor indeed, sometimes even honesty.

Turning away spectaors for the "unticketed" archery event was yet another early example of such thought process defects, as I blogged yesterday the NHS of course remains the prime example within the country, amazingly unseen by the ill-educated masses, upon which Peter Hitchens wrote so well upon my birthday in the Daily Mail, linked here.

One really must wonder for how much longer our politicians can continue to escape any consequences for their quite obvious complete and utter incompetence and unscupulousness! Unhappily for ever if Hitchen's gloomy views are proved correct.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like all the empty seats were those which LOCOG were compelled to 'grant' to the many international sporting bodies.

In the past, these have represented 'bonus bung' money to the corrupt 'blazers' - chances are, this time the increased security has prevented them passing these tickets through the touting network (as they usually do), hence the rows of empty seats.

7:49 PM  

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