Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Tory "leadership con men" from Grocer Heath to Cocky Cameron.

Yesterday I blogged on Sir Alec Douglas-Home and Edward Heath, the latter failed at everything he attempted except the disasters of putting us under foreign control, destroying our democracy and an accountable parliament, facilitating the later sale of all our main industries and utilities and causing a miners strike. He is mainly remembered for the latter. (I described how he messed up on oil supplies with the Shah of Iran last year, linked here).

Heath also paved the way for many more years of socialist government of our country by Harold Wilson and Sunny Jim Callaghan, but also allowed his displacement as Tory leader by Margaret Thatcher, all her senior male colleagues lacking the backbone and moral courage to stand against Heath. I had fled to Texas by then but returned on the promise of a reduction in the tax rate from 83% on income plus another 15% on unearned money, whether National Insurance came on top of all that I cannot now recall.

Maggie tried her best but in the end was thwarted as even she ran into the restraints the EU had constructed around her, which she then added to by being duped into believing the Single European Act was a form of Thatcherism. Heseltine and Clarke bear much of the blame though the empty space that is John Major was the main beneficiary. (Further detail on thefirst two of those three may be expected as the EUself destructs and those responsible compete to shift the blame.) Here is my comment on John Major    .

For those who are forgetful of what occured next during the 13 years of New Labour under Blair and Brown, here is a photo gallery, of the Conservative low points to bring back your own particular gut-wrenching memories of those wasted years:

Surely he could have been relied upon to lose the election on his own, without the spending cuts and disappearing act sabotage, early in the campaign, of present day Minister for Policy at N° 10 and oft times Royal Park bins

Oliver Letwin Wikipedia now has only passing reference Letwin's City career, possibly as it didn't pay too well, thus perhaps causing him to put tennis court repair bills of £2,145 at his home down as parliamentary expenses:


IDS with the seal of the ancient Perugia University, which IDS did not attend to his right.Cast your minds back and now recall that even worse was to come,

Nevertheless Howard, emerged from the darkness of such nights, to go on to lead his party in replacement of IDS towards yet another General Election defeat

The group known as the Cambridge Mafia five went on into the Cabinet as Conservative Ministers, how many of those can you now recognise, one of course, the groom that day is still there. Answer from this BBC link.

Enough is being reported on Cameron and his quite hopeless bunch now in power for repetition here. Are they preparing for what is about to take place across the Channel, into which disaster they have entangled us, watch for the announcement of their excuses that they did not see it coming. As Nigel Lawson said on Sky News this morning, (yes there were some worthwhile individuals who clung on in the party in spite of the invariably clueless rising to the top,) he could see the Euro collapse coming; a DOOMSDAY machine was how he described it! One that required turning OFF!

So too did this blogger, read back over nearly ten years of posts, futilely raising the alarm about the tyranny, treachery and inevitable economic collapse we will tonight face.

Watch Greece and French election results tonight, then perhaps resolve never to vote for any candidates from the three main British political parties ever again, after all, it was we the voters, who let them get away with it for so long!

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