Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PM Cameron's tax affairs become the issue in Indonesia

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, hoping to put a disastrous two weeks behind him by fleeing to the Far East, was this evening caught on the hop in Indonesia by some well aimed questions from the Sky News Business Editor almost immediately transmitted thereafter on the prime time popular show Jeff Randall Live.

The Guardian newspaper was quick to scent blood immediately after the PM appeared to offer to reveal all his tax affairs, with the following hint at tax advantageous dealings concerning the rental of one of the Camerons' many properties, mortgages for which had already been the subject of questions during the disgraceful MP expenses abuse scandal. The following is from that paper this evening:

Many details of partnerships, apart from the profit accrued from them, are not disclosed. A husband and wife may form a partnership to process income from, say, the rental of a house like the Camerons' Notting Hill home, currently a lucrative let for the prime minister.



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