Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Issue evasion could lead to "social explosion" post French elections!

The ever growing tendency to avoid the issues, so evident in many recent EU national election campaigns, is already particularly evident in these, the opening days, of the French Presidential campaign. That fact has been now noted by EurActiv in a report of foreign commentator's views from Paris, published today and linked here.

Politicians who have deliberately handed their responsibility to govern to largely anonymous foreigners were always certain to be reluctant to own up to this treachery to their electorates come national election time. As the autocratic and non-democratic powers of the EU have grown, so inevitably does this factor and of course the inherent dangers of such dangerous policies will similarly grow - this year in France, next year in Germany.

The following are some quotes from the report which is recommended to be read in full:

For Paul Taylor, Reuters’ Paris bureau-chief, the “real issues” have been little discussed in the course of the campaign. For him, the reduction of public spending and austerity measures have been ignored by the candidates as “traps”.

Taylor went on to say that politicians are not preparing the French for necessary sacrifices and that there might be a “social explosion” after the election due to the failure to prepare public opinion.

It’s a “campaign of spectacle” filled with false debates, said Alberto Toscano, correspondent for the Italian public broadcaster RAI. He attacked some of the candidates’ proposals as symbolic attention-grabbers.....

He said the state of debate in France was evidence of a “French paradox for nostalgia and a will to change”



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