Saturday, April 07, 2012

My reply to John Redwood MP this morning on saving the euro.

Martin Cole
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Mr Redwood, you state the following, which to my mind places you beyond the pale as a representative or spokesperson for those of us who see the objective of the EU as being to destroy its founding nation states together with all democratic representation for their citizens or subjects:
This will, in the view of the Heads of Government, leave a strong and united Euro zone with a group of countries whose economies have come closely together and who can live with the tough budgetary and inflation discipline which was always designed to be central characteristics of the single currency.
The collapse of the Euro Currency is a necessary prerequisite for the restoration of democracy or proper representative government within Europe; those aiding or bending the(ir) efforts to saving the euro, while (perhaps) avoiding potential short term economic discomfit are (they nevertheless not) in fact advancing tyranny? I fear you have demonstrated your true colours and finally that of the supposed members of the EU-critical wing of the Conservative Party.

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Blogger strapworld said...

Rather harsh Martin!

Perhaps Mr redwood is looking at becoming the new Tory Party Chairman?

8:18 AM  
Blogger Martin said...

Harsh? Perhaps so, Strapworld, but surely, by now, we must wake up to the real danger, to not just our democracy and economic independence and prosperity, that the EU poses - but in the imposition of puppet national leaders, authoritarian and military-like order enforcementand the clear asset stripping of smaller and poorer nations all the trappings of totalitarianism we fought in the past to prevent.

What exactly is Mr Redwood seeking to preserve while offering advice as to how Germany can continue with its EMU induced hegemony?

Ponder this week's suicide of a 77year old Greek in front of the Athens parliament, that is what the EU today represents! The outcome in Greece has been known and encouraged by the EU for years, if not in fact actively faciltated by all EU federalists. Why does John Redwood, at this stage suddenly place himself on their side? If he answers that then perhaps I will reconsider the judgement I took this morning when writing this posting.

12:31 PM  

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