Monday, April 02, 2012

Olli Rehn's Ironies Too theme tune removed from YouTube

Olli Rehn the EU Finance Commissioner, notorious for the fine mess he has made of his position, has long been unique in having been gifted his own theme tune by this blog "Another Fine Mess" by Laurel and Hardy. Although he is still making stupid remarks and presiding over the biggest financial disaster in European history, we will now be unable to post this video to accompany his inanities.

I have just tweeted his latest from the WSJ as follows. "Europe has not yet recovered from the financial crisis back to the levels before it," Olli Rehn EU Finance Commissioner"

Maybe a blog reader has an alternative source for the original video, which really was quite catchy, see here where once it resided.

Amazing the reach and grotesqueness of the EU is it not? Where even a simple tune has to be removed from our enjoyment!

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