Thursday, March 29, 2012

UK House Price Conspiracy

The huge underlying confidence trick the Coalition Government and its immediate predececessor have been running against the taxpaying voters who put them into power, is about to unravel and be fully exposed. The consequences will be most likely gruesome and certainly practically impossible to predict.

The depths of self-deception that Britain's property purchasers have allowed to take root deep within their minds has beggared belief for decades, but become almost obscene in its ridiculousness since the economic collapse of 2008 which has steadily been mounting since then.

The recent largest monthly property price falls, supposedly a surprise to property professionals and State Conmen combined, is reported in Reuters this morning, linked here.

It is for this result the banks have been saved the penalties of their excesses, our savings stripped by negative interests rates and our currency trashed by the printing of £ billions, through virtual quantatitive easing chicanery.

In the process, real wealth creation potential within the wider country is in desperates straits, while our utilities and almost all else of value have been sold off to our continental competitors, while the proceeds have been spent by the politicians in power and their side-kicks in a final obscene, self-indulgent splurge of excess to make themselves feel momentarily fantastically wealthy in comparison to their formerly held ideas of what constituted worldly wealth.



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