Saturday, March 03, 2012

Roger Helmer MEP joins UKIP

Well it has been a long time coming but Roger Helmer always appeared to me as best suited to UKIP, especially after Cameron broke his promise to pull the Tories in Strasbourg from the EPP, "before Christmas" when in fact it took years. Mr Helmer thus was close to the deceits by which Cameron gained control of the Conservative Party, upon which subject I hope he will now be more forthcoming.

Another aspect to the matter is that the time it has taken to make such a move is revealing and is indicative of the many failings within UKIP, which I spent much tim probing in a blog, now comatose, titled UKIP Uncovered.

Roger Helmer is a dedicated opponent of the EU, he adds huge credibility to UKIP.
Can others of us within the anti-EU ranks take this as a signal that perhaps UKIP will now truly take the fight to the federalists?

Will Dan Hannan also cross over?

Read Roger Helmer's own explanation of his move and comment in Conservative Home, from here.

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