Saturday, March 03, 2012

Cameron and the gifted police horse - was it intended for his use?

There is an interesting end paragraph to the account in the Daily Telegraph on Cameron's attempt to cover up his, now revealed apparently frequent, use of the police horse Raisa, which was reluctantly and finally dragged from him in Brussels, followed shortly after by the announcement of the departure of his most trusted lieutenant (following the resignation of Andy Coulson) for California! That paragraph is as follows:

This means that Mr Cameron probably rode the horse more than Mrs Brooks, whose spokesman has told The Daily Telegraph that she rode her only once because the horse was "too traumatised" from her time in the Met Police's riot squad.

It is clear from the above that the horse was frisky and feisty therefore probably only controllable by the strength of a male rider. The Metropolitan Police at Imber Court, would have been well aware of that fact, and would have therefore been unlikely to have authorised safekeeping to an individual unable to properly exercise the animal. So perhaps it was always intended that the then Leader of the Opposition would be the main beneficiary of this "gift" now being described as a loan to the Murdoch flunkey?

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