Friday, March 02, 2012

Mary Ellen Synon's last blog - Kenny & Monti

Farewell to blogging Mary Ellen Synon, those of us struggling against the foul EU project will miss you, especially the independent bloggers!

In her final blog for the Daily Mail, linked here, she rails against the ineffectiveness of the Iriah political class, who as in Britain have handed their independence, national wealth and sovereignty to foreigners. Some quotes by which this blog will keep her memory alive. We will rarely see such truths appear in the national press again until the EU itself collapses under the weight of its own corruption!

After Mr Kenny had his snap with Mrs Merkel on the Government iPhone, he flew to Rome to see Mario Monti.
Now, there are two reasons why no Irish politician ought to be spending time with Mr Monti. First, the man was outrageously parachuted into office by the EU elite when they wanted the democratically-elected Silvio Berlusconi out of office. The problem was, Mr Berlusconi would not take orders from them. Unlike Irish prime ministers, Mr Berlusconi did not feel it was his duty to capitulate to demands from Brussels.
I know, Mr Berlusconi was sexually sleazy, but the Italian voters put him in office anyway. His sexual antics were never much of a secret to any voter, and yes, now you ask, I was living in Rome during the last Italian general election.
When the EU wanted Mr Berlusconi out, the EU and the ECB rattled the bond markets enough to make the parliamentarians in Rome panic. With the (truly shocking) connivance of the president of the republic, Giorgio Napolitano, the EU managed to have Mario Monti, who was not even a member of the parliament but conveniently was a two-term former European Commissioner (‘one of us’), and who had not been elected to anything at all, made into a Senator by the president. Then Mr Monti was dropped into the office of prime minister. He formed a cabinet which included not one elected individual.
This was no change of government, this was a Brussels-directed coup. If our Taoiseach respected democracy, he would never shake hands with the unelected Mario Monti.

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