Thursday, March 01, 2012

Greek Bailout Money flows mainly to the Banks for EU Taxpayers to settle!

The massive confidence trick underway within the EU by the term-serving technocratic officials of the EU who have been placed on position to perpetrate this huge confidence trick has been revealed today by research undertaken by Open Europe, which press release is linked here, together with a detailed article illustrating the fact by charts and tables linked here.

Essentially of the total amount (€282.2bn) that is entailed in the various measures now on the table to save Greece – through the bailouts and the ECB – only €159.5bn, or 57% will actually go to Greece itself. The rest will go to banks and other bondholders.

By 2015, when all the installments from the first and second bailout have been paid out, official sector lending could account for as much as 85% of Greek debt, meaning that only 15% of Greece’s debt will not be underwritten by eurozone taxpayers.



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