Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quitting the EU is as simple as ABC!

Finally Britain's House of Commons will today debate the European Union! Three hours has been set aside for the debate today at the request of Bill Cash and granted by the Speaker, although it does not yet appear on the published order of business, see here. My source is John Redwood's Diary, read here.

Although the subject is the Non-EU/Fiscal Compact Treaty (upon which the Irish will now have a referendum) the subject of the EU as a whole really cannot this time surely be avoided.

The EU is like a senile, demented, sclerotic, cantankerous, mean, illogical, incontinent  and elderly patient, lying almost comatose at the final moments of its existence, whom none wish to either tend, visit nor comprehend!  All, without exception, secretly yearn for it to pass beyond death's doorway.

Little suprise then that Parliament seeks to avoid discussing the subject as much as it possibly can. The green benches today will probably be as bare as usual when the necessity to consider the monster that actually controls our entire polity is raised for debate!

Yet the time has come to consider the solution to our involvement in this increasingly unaffordable disaster. It cannot in all conscience be any longer delayed!

First step must be to identify a identify a solution. That is as easy as ABC!

Australia - Britain - Canada!

Britain MUST first withdraw from the EU and then establish a zone of complete direct free movement of goods and people between the three equal entities. Offer our UN Security Council vote for future use by co-decision as an extra carrot to that of our large, mobile, hard-working and educated population, eager for extra space!

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