Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The North Atlantic trading region.

The Independent has an interesting article this morning raising the possibility that the eastern seaboard of the North American Continent was first colonised by Europeans. It is linked from here and the following are two significant quotes:

chemical analysis carried out last year on a European-style stone knife found in Virginia back in 1971 revealed that it was made of French-originating flint.....

Stanford and Bradley have long argued that Stone Age humans were quite capable of making the 1500 mile journey across the Atlantic ice - but till now there was comparatively little evidence to support their thinking.

But the new Maryland, Virginia and other US east coast material, and the chemical tests on the Virginian flint knife, have begun to transform the situation. Now archaeologists are starting to investigate half a dozen new sites in Tennessee, Maryland and even Texas – and these locations are expected to produce more evidence.



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