Monday, February 27, 2012

Britain's public officials being paid off for years!

As I was only saying just this morning, read here!

Britain has become wide-open to corruption following the example set from the top during the years of the New Labour Governments of Blair and Brown who simultaneously bankrupted the nation AND handed power to Brussels!

This is how the matter is being reported in the USA this afternoon, linked here:

UK police describe network of corrupt officials, illegal payments by Murdoch's The Sun tabloid

LONDON - Rupert Murdoch's top-selling U.K. tabloid, The Sun, had a culture of making illegal payments to corrupt public officials in return for stories, a senior British police officer said Monday.

Later that same article continues with the following:

Akers said journalists paid not only police officers but also military, health and other government officials. One official received a total of 80,000 pounds ($126,912) over several years, Akers said, adding that police also are investigating whether officials were placed on retainers by newspapers.

She said "a network of corrupted officials" had provided The Sun with stories that were mostly "salacious gossip."

"There appears to have been a culture at The Sun of illegal payments, and systems have been created to facilitate such payments whilst hiding the identity of the officials receiving the money," said Akers, who is in charge of a police investigation into phone hacking and police bribery.

She said one journalist had "over several years received over 150,000 pounds ($238,000) in cash to pay his sources, a number of whom were public officials." She said payments to public officials went far beyond acceptable practices such as buying them a meal or a drink.

The country became used to its politicians being disgraced during the expenses scandal. This is on an entirely different level. It is inconceivable that these practices were not known about at the highest levels of the Civil Service and Government. The appointment of Sir John Chilcot to head the Iraq inquiry, after it was already publicly known and revealed that he had received undeclared payments from a foreign wind electricity promoting company, is surely evidence enough for all beneath his exalted pay grade, to believe that such practises had become widely acceptable?

The British Establishment should tonight be in deep crisis! Not least because of the disgraceful police inaction since deep suspicions became self-evident so long ago!



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to the gallows with them all....

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