Monday, March 05, 2012

Cameron avoids confirming he would re-veto a "folding-in" of Fiscal Treaty

The exchange whereby Cameron effectively made his use of the supposed December veto completely pointless, has now appeared in Hansard, linked here:

I thank the Prime Minister for his statement and warmly congratulate him on not signing the fiscal compact agreement. Article 16 of the agreement provides that within five years at most, a further attempt will be made to bring the agreement into the legal framework of the European Union. I am sure that my right hon. Friend will remain as Prime Minister throughout that period, so can he reassure me and the House that if such an attempt is made, he will exercise his veto once more?

I certainly agree with that, but let me make this point to the hon. Gentleman. Those who say that the veto did not achieve anything must ask themselves why other European countries are so keen to try to fold this agreement back into the treaty. That is important.

We made our position very clear. We made it clear that we would not allow a EU treaty to go ahead unless it contained proper safeguards for the single market, for financial services and in relation to other issues, and nothing has changed in that respect.

"I certainly agree with that" is not a statement of confirmation as to what was asked! This deception is then extended by the record in the final sentence merely relate to past actions when they remained only in the future.

What is clear is that the veto was indeed a farce, as the Prime Minister now clearly intends the Fiscal Treaty to be folded in to the EU Treaties without any present threat of a UK veto AND that the opinion of 63% of Cameron's countrymen and women's opinion that politicians "lie all the time", see my posting immediately beneath this, is fully borne out by the Prime Minister's responses as recorded in Hansard on his answers in the House of Commons to his European Council statement this afternoon!

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