Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Boris Johnson - A complete waste of space?

City AM has a follow on from its interview with the Mayor Of London, one time Conservative MP and potential party leader, Boris Johnson, suggesting that he is begging the large insurance company known as the "Pru" to stay in London, rather than shift to Hong Kong, as a result of the essentiually Marxist policies now being enacted and planned by the UK controlling EU. Read it from here.

Johnson's time and energy would be better spent, abandoning his attempt for a second term as Mayor of a Capital City, doomed by the policies of his party leader and the present Prime Minister, in rallying the Tory faithful and still ideologically sound Conservative MPs, to institute a coup at Westminster, so that this left- leaning Coalition Government can be ditched as soon as possible.

Well done Mark Pritchard, as I forgot to add to my first posting of today, but WAY TO GO as they say!!



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