Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Discerning the real evil within the EU

It took me many years of blogging before I confronted reality and ascribed the word evil to the EU. I was then almost alone in its use! More recently others are beginning to grasp this essential truth. Although yet reluctant to fully endorse the word, others in the past few days are clearly reaching that same conclusion. I quote John Ward in The Slog, who under a post headline on the Nazification of Europe, includes the following:

But what I cannot get even remotely chuckle-happy about is the failure of the British political elite to do anything beyond poking rather cowardly fun at these hobgoblins. The Tories see the evil and don't care, the LibDems see the evil as a means to a great end, and Labour couldn't see evil if it was a horned red Devil poking it in the eye with a trident.

That article links to Bruno Waterfield, who as a member of the MSM still shrinks from the word that can best summarise his own conclusions, in Spiked, linked here, he ponders on the fiskalpakt and the plot to undermine the campaign of French Presidential candidateFrançois Hollande, which has now to his personal shame, been joined by British PM David Cameron. Mr Waterfield's article has the following:

The nightmare for the EU elite is the precedent that would be set by a national electorate deciding to reject the economic mismanagement and high-handed diktat that has characterised the Eurozone’s handling of the economic crisis. Besides, the horrible prospect of a nation being able to choose its fiscal and economic policies through democratic debate and the ballot box is what the fiskalpakt is designed to prevent in the first place. The ‘Treaty for stability, coordination and governance’ enshrines and enforces ‘debt brakes’ and ‘golden rules’ aimed at securing the EU’s current economic policy in perpetuity.

I assume if asked to describe what term might best be used to describe an elite adopting such policies, Bruno Waterfield, would in all probability pick something coming so close to evil, as to be indistinguishable from it!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The eu elite think they have it all sewn up, it would be interesting to throw a spanner into the works by electing a party like the UKIP assisted by the BNP, the reaction would be ....what I wonder, murder, false stories, well they've tried that already haven't they...interesting.

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