Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Primer on the Euro Breakup

The report from Variant Perception is a recommended read and is available from the Acting Man web site.

UPDATE 22/2/12 1010 GMT. We recommend you visit the Variant Perception blog as follows:

The paper stresses that the breakup of a currency block is not that unusual and gives much historical background and charts. Its conclusion, for those not wishing to delve too deeply into complicated economics (such as myself,) may be found on page 50 of the pdf file. The sub-heading to the report's main title, which was also used for the headline to this post, is tellingly:
Default, Exit and Devaluation as the Optimal Solution

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Blogger Sue said...

Martin, we all know that their reluctance to allow Greece to default is because they're afraid of the "project" falling apart. Their Eutopian dream will come to an end.

It can't happen soon enough for me!

8:33 AM  

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