Sunday, February 19, 2012

Schäuble to decide who earns "what" across the entirety of Europe!

I imagine many will read the above headline and assume this blogger has finally gone completely OTT in his suspicions of the motives of those involved in the demented EU Project.

Not So! I have a direct quote put out by the state broadcaster of the German Government, of which Wolfgang Schäuble is Finance Minister, linked here, with the following in its penultimate paragraph:

"The Greek minimum wage is being lowered to roughly Spain's level," he said. "What's more, what should people in Eastern European or Baltic European countries think - when their minimum wages are still considerably lower and yet they are playing a part in supporting Greece?"

Note especially the way the statement has been phrased, no sugestion of mutual agreement, negotiation, nor even that other parties may have had some input into what is now occurring! Just the blunt cold clear fact "The Greek minimum wage IS BEING LOWERED..."

Had we not all hoped that Europe had been rid of this kind of arrogance. Was that not the supposed intention behind the EU for which 27 nations have sacrificed their democracies?

"We're All Greeks Now"

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