Sunday, February 19, 2012

Britain's Corrupt Civil Service - 55,000 MOD Clerks get bonuses!

The Telegraph has the full report on the the payments within the almost entirely non-functioning MOD, 55,000 pen-pushers in total out of a huge payroll of 83,000 with one actually receiving £85,831. The following quote makes clear that this rotten sickness is endemic across the whole of Whitehall and therefore probably the entire government machine:

In the past year 56 senior officials - those in the highest civil service grades - shared £505,000, averaging £9,000 each. Junior staff were handed a total of £37.9 million, typically taking home £697 - meaning 54,375 of its employees received bonuses, a level in contrast to ministers’ intention that bonuses are not given routinely.
The highest level of bonuses were awarded to the Department of Work and Pensions, whose employees scooped £51 million. The Department of Transport paid out £9.2million, the Foreign Office £6.4 million and the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs £2.3 million. The Department for Education spent £1.9 million on bonuses, the Department for Health £1.7 million, the Cabinet Office £1.3million and the Department for Innovation and Skills £1.1million.

Every pound of bonus money paid to a civil servant who is an indexed linked, Government-funded, pension recipient is a direct kick in the teeth to UK tax payers! Worse, every penny of bonus paid to a civilian employee of the MOD, given the facts on servicemen and women having been sent into battle under-funded and ill-equipped, is akin to rewarding those with such much spent blood on their hands!



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