Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The EU presumption that National Democracy is already destroyed.

The deferment of the meeting of the Finance Ministers of the Euro Group, originally planned for today, to approve the second Greek rescue fund, has been justified by some rather bizarre statements which vividly demonstrate the absolute contempt those in the EU hold for an even token pretence that democracy in the member states of the EU still exists.

The Irish Times report, always a reliable source given that country's similar enslavement to the Troika, has the following points:

In anticipation of the talks, finance ministry officials from euro zone countries and the EU institutions met yesterday in Brussels to discuss the Greek situation.

“Following today’s euro group working group meeting, it has appeared that further technical work between Greece and the troika is needed in a number of areas, including the closure of the fiscal gap of €325 million in 2012 and the debt sustainability analysis,” Mr Juncker said.

“Furthermore, I did not yet receive the required political assurances from the leaders of the Greek coalition parties on the implementation of the programme.”

One of the party leaders of the present governing coalition is believed to be prepared to maintain his refusal to sign-up for surrender, even to the moment of the planned Spring elections, which presumably would cause his party to become favourite to win, should sanity return to the Greek electorate between now and then.

Should all Greek political parties sign up to the commitments to the Troika, (as occurred in Portugal last year, for the rescue package signed by civil servants prior to their elections, which agreement is now responsible for the transfer of the assets of that former sovereign state to various foreigners,) then a new party, uncommitted to the terms of Greece's surrender, and free from the guilt which allows such blackmail against a sovereign state to be perpetrated, should surely emerge and sweep all before it in the electoral competition with the degraded scum who will stand for the existing parties who have delivered Greece to these desperate torments.

Update 0755 GMT Further background reading is here from EurActiv



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