Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh No! Ollie still optimistic!!

Olli is still "confident"

From EUobserver, linked here.


Greek vote 'crucial step' for second bail-out, says EU commissioner

Today @ 14:43
BRUSSELS - The EU commission and the German government on Monday (13 February) welcomed Greece's adoption of a further austerity package as a "crucial step forward" for securing a second bail-out, but more spending cuts are needed by Wednesday.
"The vote is a crucial step forward towards the adoption of the second programme," EU economics commissioner Olli Rehn said during a press conference in Brussels.
He said he was "confident" that the remaining conditions - further spending cuts of €325 million and written pledges by the political leaders that the austerity programme will not be undone after elections due in April - "will be completed" by Wednesday.
This is when eurozone finance ministers are to meet in Brussels and approve the €130bn bail-out along with the voluntary debt restructuring by private bondholders to the tune of another €100bn.


With my web browser it is possible to play the sound track of the video of Athens in flames last night with that of what this blog has made Olli Rehn's theme song. An eerie experience!



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