Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Oradour-sur-Glane - the EU & the massacre of 642 innocents in 1944

This blog has posted three times previously on this dreadful historical event, which posts may be re-read from here. Der Spiegel today reports that the homes of six of the men responsible have suddenly been raided, read here.

I cannot guess what has caused this sudden re-awakening of interest in the 67 year old horror. A quote from one of my earlier posts seems the most useful comment I can now add, as the detailed website upon which it originally appeared is now no longer available:

Any political system that is non-democratic places an enormous burden of responsibility onto the leader(s). If they say that they know best and that the rest should simply follow their lead, then theirs is the power and the glory, as is also the potential blame and odium. Man is an obedient animal; history shows us that. A leader can command his followers to do his will and normally they will do so. Under a democracy if the people do not like the way things turn out, they can change the leaders on a routine basis, under a dictatorship things can only get worse. A question, rather than a conclusion that I shall leave for you the reader to answer yourself is: Who is ultimately responsible, the people who elect a dictator to power, the dictator, or his minions who in believing the message to be right carry out his wishes?

The above quotation was by Michael Williams from 'In a Ruined State.'

When I first quoted this passage, on 2nd January 2007, I related it to the situation within the EU by following it with the following still unresolved observation:

Yesterday two more countries joined the European Union making the total number of former nation states in that pointless, power-crazed conglomerstate a frightening total of twenty seven............Ségolène Royal and Nicolas Sarkozy seem to be prepared to ignore their compatriots' rejection of the EU Constitutional Treaty as an irrelevance and pitch their future policies towards convenience of EU administration rather than a readiness to defend the democracy that alone can protect us from tyranny. Twenty-six other ex-democracies will be looking to the French to prevent such a disaster.

The EU's most powerful political bloc the EPP, laughingly purported to stand for the "European Peoples Party" will this week see French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and heads of state from Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Ireland etc. attend its  congress in Marseille.

Will the EPP, in Marseille,  under the leadership of their host, the now "President" Sarkozy,  for once consider the dire likely consequences of its shared responsibility for the destruction of European democracy, soon likely to move well beyond the merely economic?

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