Monday, December 05, 2011

Cameron's EU nightmare & how will 85% ratification work without a second treaty?

The Daily Mail sums up Cameron's nightmare by stating that the British Prime Minister will have to take a decision over Europe. Read here. Who could have guessed that moment would arrive?

My best guess is that it will not, dithering will continue as after only a short while to reflect on the consequences of this being a NEW treaty my views are that nothing will be agreed by the end of this week as it does not appear to have been properly thought through.

One major problem occurs to me, that being that regardless of whether the numbers are 27 or 17 ex-countries, if 85% approve, some may not, will the existing Treaties then be withdrawn, if so how can the new decision making percentages, EU parliamentary numbers etc; etc;, be defined in the first Treaty when the numbers ratifying it must be unknown? Therefore whatever the first treaty may cover, another will immediately be necessary!



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