Thursday, December 22, 2011

No Mea Culpa from Sir Gus O'Donnell

The man who, one imagines, slimed his way to head the Civil Service and take responsibility to preside over 44,000 civil servants as they devised devious tricks and absurd regulations to utterly destroy the decent underpinnings of Britain's society, offers no apologies for his actions in a long article in the Daily Telegraph this morning.

On the BBC Radio 4 news bulletin at seven am this morning his words were reported fittingly alongside a report on the utter collapse of the country's adoption system, which the Guardian also reports as follows:

According to the latest government statistics, children wait an average of two years and seven months before being adopted, while this process takes more than three years in a quarter of cases.

Potentially suitable adoptive parents are often turned away because they may not be the right ethnic match, are overweight or may have smoked.

O'Donnell, see Wikipedia here, was born in 1952, so will only be 59 on his retirement, robbing the taxpayers of years of extra service from an individual in whom they have certainly invested huge sums of money. We will no doubt soon learn where that experience, together with who knows what valuable contacts, will be offered and taken up for hire.

The country of course will be left with his similar successors to take on the huge disaster he has left in his wake, they themselves presumably, will be mostly engaged in forming contacts so that they too may soon follow the path well-trodden by so many of the Knights whom they succeed!

Shameful indeed, I hope I will live to see them brought to account!



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