Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Britain's civil service corruption (continued) - HMRC.

My first post of this morning, linked here, was on the topic of our thoroughly rotten upper echelons of the civil service. As trailered therein another posting on that topic was placed on the blog Orphans of Liberty, that has been published this evening and may be read from this link.

Interestingly today the mainstream media has been much concerned about the sickening mess that is our tax officialdom, HMRC, this report from Channel 4 News, being typical, as was Jeff Randall's contribution this evening on Sky News! So far the media has concentrated on only one side of the problem - leniency for big business - the harassment and victimisation of ordinary individuals, sometimes for what can only be purely political motivations, has yet to be properly aired or investigated.

Mr D.Hartnett, the head of the dysfunctional HMRC, of which the citizens of the UK both bear the horrendous cost and I presume, live under considerable fear of, will shortly, we must mostly all hope, be brought to account.

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