Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Britain's Corrupted Civil Service.

Now that our elected politicians are finally prepared to tackle the thoroughly corrupt European Union, by which we have been controlled for decades, brought on mainly by its own imminent and obvious self-destruction, is it not also timely, with the departure of Gus O'Donnell from the Cabinet Office, to tackle our thoroughly corrupted civil service, as suggested by Douglsa Carswell MP on 11th October 2011, quoted here:

Mandarins need to have a mandate

According to twitter reports, Gus O'Donnell, the most senior Whitehall mandarin, is to quit - and will be replaced by another Whitehall mandarin.
Hang on a moment.  Even mandarins need to have a mandate.
Before we are told which Sir Humphrey is next in line to preside over the machinery of government, there must be a public confirmation hearing.
As Coalition ministers have discovered, it is these permanent officials that really decide most public policy.  All too often, elected ministers end up as mere mouthpieces for the machine.
It is people like Gus O'Donnell at the Cabinet Office, Kim Darroch on the national security council, Simon Fraser at the FCO and other semi-anonymous technocrats who really decide how this country is run.  And,in my view,who have helped run it into the ground.
Incidentally, it is precisely because we have such a smug, insulated technocracy in charge that voters are left complaining that no matter who they vote for, things rarely seem to change.
Before the next technocrat is installed to preside over us, we need to have a Parliamentary confirmation hearing. No convincing answers, no job.
Requiring senior officials to answer publicly for what they do in our name might mean that those who make public policy start to appreciate what the public actually wants.
Posted on 11 October 2011 by Douglas Carswell

There will be more on this topic, on Orphans of Liberty later, and here on this blog during the coming Parliamentary break!

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