Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is Sir John Cunliffe an enemy of Britain? Clegg's pension!

Some very interesting questions are being raised in a posting from Douglas Carswell MP, linked here, not least amongst the many comments the report has already attracted, linked here. Background of Gordon Brown's EU handler, John Cunliffe is here?

Given the present situation, anybody in authority working for the benefit of the EU is clearly working against Britain's interests? Such is the weakness and false premises of the ludicrous first letter, carried by the Daily Telegraph of yesterday, linked here.

If working for the EU is still really considered to be synonymous with working for the nation's interests (ie the British interest) - then why is that the Deputy Prime Minister had the existence of his EU pension declared as no longer  existing, as now revealed in the House of Lords? (See this blog's first posting of today below.)

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