Monday, December 12, 2011

Cameron's spokesman defines limits for EU in Non-EU Treaty use.

While David Cameron received overwhelming support from every corner of the House of Commons, other than the Labour Party front bench, which was completely wrong-footed and stifled by being unable to state whether or no they would have approved the Non-EU Treaty, Cameron's spokesman, Steve Field,was being quoted by media across the globe on what EU Institutions, officials and employees, could or more precisely could NOT legally do to aid a new Non-EU Treaty formation and structure. An example from ABC News is linked here, from which come the following quotes:

But Cameron's government is worried that the new pact would overlap with the existing EU treaty that Britain is part of already. In particular, Cameron's office said it was not clear how EU institutions such as the European Commission, the EU's executive based in Brussels, could be used under two different treaties.

"There are issues that are raised by this, about institutions serving two masters — the euro zone and the European Union — and we need to look at those issues very carefully," Cameron's spokesman Steve Field told reporters.

"If you have the institutions serving the 27 and serving the 17, there is potential for conflict of interest," he said.
Blocking the use of the existing EU institutions — their bureaucracies and their buildings — from use in the new treaty would complicate the new deal's implementation.

Field said discussions over how the deal is set up are likely to continue for many weeks. "What is very clear from the European Union treaty is that the institutions should not do anything that cuts across in any way the single market," he said.

The latter point was much emphasised in Cameron's response to questions in the Commons, where the absence of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats and Cameron's coalition partner could provide even more omonous news for the EU.

A break-up of the UK Coalition Government and general election at this point, will on the evidence of weekend polling and today's debate, ensure a majority in any general election for a firm and strong anti-EU parliamentary majority in the UK House of Commons.

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