Monday, December 12, 2011

Hollande's spanner - Finland's doubts continue - Klaus questions IMF Funds

Doubts reflected in the ESM deal by Finland continue over the accord of last Friday, read the latest from Helsinki, linked here.

President Klaus of the Czech Republic is this morning reported to be questioning the extra IMF funding for the EU, as may be read from this link.

In France itself, poll front-runner and socialist candidate, François Hollande says he will not accept the deal as set out by Sarkozy and Merkel, which is a particularly nasty spoiler, as unlike earlier pre-convention treaty arrangements, the basics of this one were supposed to be already set in concrete! How else could Cameron have been forced to use his veto rather than just play along through the pre-Treaty Inter-Governmental Convention which is a requirement for all new EU Treaties!

Hence another reason why this is a Non-EU Treaty, AND why it is falling to pieces, even in France and Germany - its co-creators - so rapidly!

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