Saturday, December 10, 2011

Next Cameron must tackle the BBC

Later on the blog "Orphans of Liberty" there will appear a posting I have written on the way ahead for David Cameron in Europe, where this week he has spoken for millions of oppressed people, now about to lose the last remnants of their democracy and their sovereignty.

There is indeed much to do in Europe, but first at home he has a treacherous state broadcasting organisation which should now be immediately persuaded from pouring out its completely biased and unbalanced view of the world and particularly of the EU.

I watched some of its TV output yesterday. I have listened in astonishment to the tone and drift of its reporting on its Today programme on Radio 4 this morning, crowned by having the prime traitor, Michael Heseltine, complicit in the removal of the last patriotic Prime Minister this country has had until yesterday, interviewed on the prime 0810 am slot, when his ideas have clearly been disproved by events over and over and over again all down the intervening years!

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Blogger Anoneumouse said...

The EU commission is in charge at BBC. European Union Commission Pensioner the Tory peer Lord Patten is the chairman of the BBC Trust.

The Seige Perilous

According to article 213 of the EU Treaty Commissioners,

When entering upon their duties they shall give a solemn undertaking that, both during and after their term of office, they will respect the obligations arising therefrom and in particular their duty to behave with integrity and discretion as regards the acceptance, after they have ceased to hold office, of certain appointments or benefits. In the event of any breach of these obligations, the Court of Justice may, on application by the Council or the Commission, rule that the Member concerned be, according to the circumstances, either compulsorily retired in accordance with Article 216 or deprived of his right to a pension or other benefits in its stead.

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