Monday, November 28, 2011

Von Rompuy at the White House - Final Act for the EU?

It is nothing short of a miracle that the grotesque EU, with its corruption, decade of unaudited accounts, disdain for the truth and democracy of any type has survived so long!

But the disgraceful joke that is the appointed minion EU Council President Von Rompuy, being at the White House????? takes things too far. Surely the EU cannot now long survive this affront to common sense and decency?

No European citizen has ever cast a single vote for either of the two men, pictured in this link, sitting across from the US President Obama!

All Europeans, about to face destitution and complete economic collapse, should be appalled by this picture. The worst is that none of the european participants, including the joke that is Baroness Ashton, have the first idea of the real scale of the horror they have unleashed NOR what to even begin to do about it.

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