Sunday, November 27, 2011

EU poverty - wood burning stoves in Greece

In the part of rural France where I live, wood burning stoves have been quite the thing for the past couple of heating seasons, it seems this is spreading with this report from Greece, of them now even being used in apartments!

I came upon this report while googling on poverty, I will return to this topic in future, as the EU regresses towards chaos at ever greater cost and discomfort to Europe's people, so have begun a fitting new subject category - EU Poverty!



Blogger Sue said...

We still use them here. Infact, I have a third floor apartment and an open fire place. We burn olive wood mostly during the winter. At the moment, I'm running a propane gas cylinder heater. We don't have piped gas and central heating even though it can get bitterly cold. Electricity for heating here is not economical.

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