Saturday, November 26, 2011

The EU as a virus state

Mary Ellen Synon in her Mail column earlier this week, concluded as follows:

....What we had here today in Brussels was a perfect example of the EU as the world's first virus state. The Brussels cartel doesn't need to put its officials into all the most powerful positions in the member states. No, all the cartel has to do is get the officials of member states to do its work for it.

It used to be the EU only managed to divert the civil service of member states to do its work. Now it had achieved so much more: the EU and its cartel have put their own ex-eurocrats in as prime ministers of Greece and Italy

In Britain, Nick Clegg, a former commission eurocrat, and former euro-funded think tank employee, and former member of the European Parliament, has control of David Cameron over EU policy.

A virus: first it finds a weak host cell, then it injects its DNA and takes control. The contagion is underway



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