Saturday, November 19, 2011

A vitally important post on British Foreign Policy from John Redwood MP!

The posting linked here is of crucial importance to all Britons across the world. It is titled "The Anglo-German meeting" but addresses itself to the crying need for a completely new British foreign policy and a total re-appraisal of our relationship with the EU. I will quote only one paragraph here, but please read the posting in full:

The EU should be given a simple choice. If it offers us such a deal then the UK government would recommend it to the British people and would  campaign to carry the vote in a referendum. If the EU refuses to give us a satisfactory deal the UK would still have a referendum, and the British people might decide to leave altogether. As a concession to the rest of the EU the UK might offer a different arrangement on the EU budget, as otherwise the UK could opt itself out on a permanent basis. In practice our budget contribution would need to be negotiated in the light of how much we stayed in. If we took ourselves out of the agriculture policy, for example, we would need a substantial reduction in fee.

I would suggest that before using the above link to read Mr Redwood's posting in full, readers scroll to the next post on this blog and view the very short video on what Nigel Farage said in the European Perliament to the four appointees who deliberately destroyed the democracies of two formerly independent nation states earlier this week and consider the mostly ominous silence from the British media and its Coalition Government on these startling events!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The EU will not let us cherry pick the rules in exchange for them going for further integration. It is either in or out. Dave has already done the deal with Merkel. There will be no referendum in the UK on their Treaty changes. We may get a short lived opt out from banking taxes, but Dave has got nothing substantial out of Merkel.

Redwood keeps on going on about repatriating powers. This does not happen with the EU. You need the agreemnet of the other 26 members. It will not happen.

Our government wants to stay in the EU. They will do everything they can to keep us there. The longer this crisis goes on, the more likely we will end up out, but it is by no means certain. The Euro may implode before that happens.

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