Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Der Spiegel considers leaving the Euro

The four part article is linked from here. A quote from the comment, including an amusing typo, is the following:

The federal government-owned investment bank KfW researched the benefits of this boom and determined that membership in the currency union has created profits in Germany in the last two years alone of €50 billion to €60 billion.

If Germany were to exit the euro zone, this advantage would vanish quite suddenly. A reintroduced deutsche mark would quickly appreciate against the euro -- UBS chief economist Deo regards a rise by 40 percent to be realistic. The result would be that exports would become more expensive. If a strong country were to leave the euro zone, Deo writes, "it would ultimately have to write off its export industry." For the German economy, this would be a disastrous scenario.

Would Would Happen If Athens Left the Euro Zone?.........etc.

This replacement of what I presume should be "What" with "Would" so made me chuckle at remembering a childhood joke, that I just have to include it here, right in the middle of this supposedly serious posting:

Q. What do yo call a man with a plank of wood on his head? A. Edward!

Q. What do you call a man with two planks of wood on his head? A. Edward Wood!

Q Three planks? A. Edward Woodward!

Oh well, if you don't like it, read the rest of the Der Spiegel report, perhaps you will find your own amusing typos!

Any similar recollections may be added in the comments column to this posting. I also just remembered "a man in a pile of leaves" is Russel, and one with a spade was Doug, but how did it get to Douglas?



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