Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"We are seeing the destruction of money" - an evil disguised.

"We are seeing the destruction of money," is effectively the crux of what this blog has been warning of over many years, but this time it is a quote from Tim Congdon of International Monetary Research, referring to the shrinking money supply figures supplied by the ECB, as reported in the Daily Telegraph this morning and linked from here.

Concurrently we are informed of the death of Stalin's daughter, a last link severed with three of the most evil dictators of all time, who emerged in the twentieth century; Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin, a timely prod that evil can appear in different guises at different times - somehow the EU's achievement in destroying 27 sovereign democracies and now potentially the entire Western economic system appears an awesome horror also somehow in a league of its own!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mao Tse Dung or however you are supposed to spell it know. Pol Pot.

Mussolini was all wind and p..s compared to the others.

8:45 AM  

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