Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wrapping Farmers in EU Green Tape

The loathsome EU yesterday unveiled its provisions for the ongoing destruction of Britain's agriculture, which once achieved British food self-sufficiency during the mid-years of Thatcher's Premiership, read them from here.

A typical, miseducated and apparently completely brainwashed spokesman for the EU Commission was interviewed on Farming Today on Radio 4 this morning at around 0545 BST. If ever more proof is needed that Britain must remove itself from this ghastly EU construct, then this interview provides full justification many times over!

If I am able to find an audio link to the output of this stupid automatom, read here, I will link it from this post.

Those wishing to offer their own opinions of the deliberate removal from production from arable land at taxpayer's expense, or other aspects of the CAP, can contact this prat as follows:
Phone: +(32) 2 296 14 04



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