Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Petition your MP on the EU's Localism Bill

A form of petition for anyone to send to their MP, as prepared by Anne Palmer, is as follows:

The Magna Carta of 1215/1297, the Act of 1406 and the William and Mary Bill of Rights of 1689 all gave rights to citizens to petition the Government. MPs have a duty to present petitions, even where the terms of the petition may be disagreeable to them personally. I disagree with the whole of the Localism Bill presently going through Parliament and the Governments determination to divide ENGLAND into EU Regions.  Had we not been in the European Union, it may have been a good idea, but in the EU, the REGIONS come under the Committee of the Regions and the EU. Scotland is already an EU Region as is Wales and London.
My petition states: To the Honourable Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Parliament Assembled. The Humble Petition of (Your own name here), sheweth.  That the Governments proposed Localism Bill started its journey in the European Union and is recorded in the Council of Europe. This Localism Bill is a move too far in respect of the ‘laws and customs’ of the realm, which Her Majesty The Queen is committed on Oath to uphold for her entire reign.
I have very deep concern that if this legislation goes ahead, it will deepen greatly the constitutional illegality of our EU Membership under statue law still in force, and divide the Nation and Country of ENGLAND into EU Regions forever.   It is also yet another extra layer of Governance we simply cannot afford.  The first extra layer of Governance is of course the European Union which, under the over mighty European Communities Act 1972, we joined in 1973, as if we had no prior history at law and which is costing us multiplied billions of British pounds in EU Contributions alone, and not counting all the EU Agencies, etc.  
Therefore this petitioner prays earnestly that your Honourable House shall urge the Government to withdraw the European Union’s Localism Bill and is withdrawn before permanent damage has been done, for without doubt, I have to say to the Honourable and Right Honourable persons in the House of Commons there is grave danger through this Bill of destroying our Common Law Constitution that so far, until recently, has preserved our ancient freedoms for 600 to a 1000 years.  Millions of British people have died to protect our Constitution, and in particular in two World Wars-just so that we could Govern ourselves and those we elect to build upon our Constitution using it as a base, the foundation upon which new laws can enhance and protect it forever.  Support of this petition by those whose sworn allegiance is to the British Crown and through the Crown to all the people within the Crown’s Realm must be upheld and this Country you all serve must come before all else. As indeed as your Petitioner and as is duty bound, I will indeed ever pray.
Your signature.



Anonymous Anne Palmer said...

When I wrote to my new MP, he treated just as a letter. So, I wrote to him once more explaining that it was indeed a Petition-not a letter. He took official advise and has now put it forward. This is what he wrote. "Thank you for your letter dated 14th October in relation to your petition dated 3rd Oct. Having checked with the Table Office I should be able to submit your petition. Thank you.
for taking the time to keep me updated on your concerns regarding the Localism Bill" END

Thank you for putting this on your Blog Martin and bringing it to the attention of others. This is what it is all about. Thank you Anne.

3:52 PM  

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