Monday, October 17, 2011

A word to British voters from Luikkerlog

A post which concludes with the following, may be read from here:

Our national debt isn’t meant to be escaped from. However, it needs to managed so that it can be used to steal from us without us getting upset – and that means keeping the rates low. Our government doesn’t want to provoke us to the point where we turn on them, and throw them into a jail cell for the duration of their days. They might try to provocateur some social restlessness so that they can bring in a full-on police state in response, but if we are sensible we will avoid this. If we use the legitimate avenues yet still open to us – i.e. not voting in any election ever again for the LibLabCon – then we will achieve a situation whereby we can create a constitutional future in which corruption cannot thrive and where indeed, David Cameron will be rotting in a prison.



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