Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jean-Claude Trichet seems worried about his pension

In broadcast interviews from Paris this morning (well, well, well working on a Sunday!) Jean Claude Trichet seems to have twigged that if the Euro sinks, so too must the ECB and with it too perhaps his pension. His comments may be read in full from Reuter's, here, I offer these extracts:

Jean-Claude Trichet said the European Union's treaty should be changed to prevent one member state from destabilizing the rest of the bloc, and urged stronger governance of the euro zone.
"In my view it is necessary to change the treaty to prevent one member state from straying and creating problems for all the others," Trichet said in interview broadcast on French radio Europe 1 and iTele television on Sunday.
Asked whether this would mean getting rid of vetoes for member states, he said: "To do this, one even needs to be able to impose decisions."

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