Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Justine Greening MP is a Moron

One of the most frquently visited postings this blog ever put up was titled "David Lammy MP is a Moron".  Mr Lammy was in the Labour Government, as Minister for Higher (yes that is correct Higher) Education - he appeared .... on wait for it ....  a TV quiz programme, where he went on to demonstrate that not only was he a moron, but he apparently had little grasp of any topic under the sun.

Well, who would have thought, that after a mere eighteen months in offfice, the Tories would come up with a Minister able to prove an equal to that amusing ignorance, from the Treasury no less AND better still, within days of making a complete and utter idiot of herself on TV, then be promoted to a new job, by the Vapid fool Cameron, this time to a job within the Cabinet? Just as long as she's a woman eh Dave?

Here is Andrew Neil destroying the lady in question:

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