Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Your Euros - the notes not to take home!

Usually around this time of year, during the holiday season, I remind readers of the serial numbers of the Euro notes it is probably best not to take home.

Many believe that the Euro is a single currency, like most other things about the EU, however, that is a complete misrepresentation of the truth; each country issues and therefore guarantees its own euro notes. They can only be told apart, not by differences in design, but only by their serial number, read here. German notes, which at the moment are still probably OK (until Angela Merkel, takes on the entire debt of the rest of the Euro Zone, that is,) begin with an X!

Some others, that thoughtful people may wish to think twice about taking home for spending on a later vacation, are the following:

Z - Belgium

Y - Greece

V - Spain

T - Ireland

S - Italy

N - Austria

M - Portugal

G - Cyprus



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