Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"Astonishing" and "ludicrous" Herman Von Rompuy

The EU leaders who fudged the appointment of a competent individual of personal authority to become the "appointed" head of the EU Council, were really repaid in full last evening, when Von Rompuy showed his almost complete financial ignorance and personal stupidity by launching into a transnational attack on the markets in the op-ed columns of various newspapers. A summary from the EU Observer is linked here. (Update see also Irish Independent here).

Selectively picking the few bright areas for hope in the Spanish and Italian economic mess as examples, he completely failed to address the main simple fact, spelt out here last evening, that with the list of countries already bailed out or on the verge of failing now approaching the same number as those expected to support them, with indebted France, for the moment, still being counted in the camp of such supporters, matters are clearly coming to a luicrous end for the Euro. That Von Rompuy, can quote the recent Euro Group outcome as a reason to halt the crisis simply beggars belief on its own!

Von Rompuy, himself, is suitable for standing alone as ample evidence, that even the EU itself, never mind the Euro, is not worthy of any further wealth destroying existence, power or authority within Europe.

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