Monday, August 01, 2011

"Beethoven's 5th" NOT "Ode to Joy"

The morse code for E is one dot, the morse code for U is two dots and a dash, put them together as in EU and you get three dots and a dash, the symbol transmitted by the BBC to the Low Countries when they fell under Nazi occupation in World War II, so giving in morse the V which became the symbol for Victory, as represented by the opening bars of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Such were nightly transmitted by the BBC in its broadcasts to occupied mainland Europe throught the hostilities.

More on the story of how the V for Victory sign, also adopted by Churchill in his V for Victory salute, may be read on this link.(The reverse of the hand is an offensive dismissive sign, believed to date from Agincourt, when given by English archers to the French, who were in the habit of cutting these digits from the hands of captured archers, so that they could no longer use their fatally effective Long Bows!)

The EU has destroyed parliamentary rule across Europe, and through its incompetence and the gross folly of the euro currency project is now about to also sacrifice the prosperity of the people of Europe.

It is time to resist. We should once again take the morse letters for EU and combine them into the V for victory over the EU, and once again restore Europe's national democracies! As the wartime poster suggested:

Whistle the tune of it
Use the hand V signal as a Greeting
Tap it out in code  
Wear it on your clothing
Put it in your window
 Make the morse letter V · · · —  again represent Victory for freedom and democracy. Our political leaders are in hock to, and controlled by the EU, show them we have had enough!

Let the opening bars of Beethoven's Fifth ring out, let Beethoven's Ode to Joy be restored, as quite simply a beautiful piece of music, not soiled by the ambitions of power-crazed and destructive conspirators.



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