Saturday, July 30, 2011

EU's politicians - the bigger the debt - the worse they behave!

Can Italian Finance Minister, Giulio Tremonti, really believe the excuse he offered the Italian people for paying half the normal rent for a Rome apartment, in cash to a political colleague, Marco Milanese, now under suspicion of corruption. The quote comes from Monsters and Critics, linked here:

'I don't need to steal money ... from the Italian people,' Tremonti said speaking during a state television breakfast show.
'Perhaps I should have been more careful, but if I made mistakes, the only excuse is that I have to manage the third largest debt in the world,' Tremonti told broadcaster RAI, referring to Italy's public debt.

So there you have it, for this summer weekend, neatly summed up on TV from Italy. If you are a Euro Zone Finance Minister, the bigger your national debt, the more excuses you have for dubious behaviour!

Well! That explains a lot, is this same principle at work in the US Congress and Executive, one could be forced to ponder, as events go from comedy to farce onwards towards the brink of a nightmare!



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