Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Wests' easy money addiction cannot be cured by its suppliers!

Some initial reactions from the USA to the results of Bernanke's FOMC meeting yesterday may be read from here. Expecting a cure for the corrupted form of capitalism to which the West has fallen prey, is a bit like a drug addict looking for a cure from his personal pushers, or the giant multinational drugs cartel that stands behind them.

Quantatitive Easing, at least for the moment seems to have run its course, although the accumulated billions of printed money will continue to fester unproductively within the memory banks of the computers of the warped and self-serving financial institutions which now control all our political institutions.

In the EU, Europe's own version of corrupting thrift and value, by the purchase of Italian and Spanish bonds by the ECB on top of those of the already bailed out PIIGS, now with no real enforceable financial or other penalties , is touched upon in this interview of today from the Daily Telegraph, the closing seconds of which are particularly relevant to the West's present plight, which yesterday's events did absolutely nothing to ameliorate!

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man u people r hooked

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