Tuesday, August 09, 2011

S & P Market derived signal on CDS for France issue stark warning.

How the liabilities being incurred by the ECB bond buying will eventually be met seems still unknown.

Credit Default Swaps for France indicate that country will be exposed to meeting some of such costs, follow them from here.

The Wall Street Journal has a report stating that one division of S & P is already reading the signs of where France's rating could well soon stand, read here. A quote:

Separately, though, a statistic produced by a different S&P unit--one not involved in rating countries--called Market Derived Signal says France's rating should already be six notches below that of the U.S. The measure, which is supposed to capture market sentiment of perceived credit risk based on credit-default swaps, has tumbled for France the past month to BBB-plus from AA. This rating for the U.S. has been AA-plus for four months.

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