Saturday, August 06, 2011

Has Bundesbank's Weidmann now approved Italian bond buying?

The question in the headline of this post now seems to be the one upon which hangs the short term fate of the euro currency - in the long run all must now discern that it is clearly doomed.

On Thursday it was quite clear that the Germans had vetoed any ECB purchases of Spanish and Italian Bonds by the ECB, read a Reuters report from here. The press conference in Rome last evening was as I earlier reported, short on specifice, yet the Irish Times, this morning, linked here, reports as follows:

ITALY HAS buckled to world pressure in a bid to halt a market rout endangering the global economy, pledging to speed up austerity measures and social reforms in return for European Central Bank help with funding.

If a bond buying programme for Italy and Spain has been agreed, then taxpayers in the Euro Group's remaining Triple A rated countries now face billions upon billions of extra losses, and their own country's triple A status must therefore also surely be at risk? For once it starts when and how will it ever end, as can be seen with Greece?

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