Tuesday, August 09, 2011

It took this to get the PM back from his holiday!

This has been coming for years as warned almost daily on this blog and its forerunner for well over eight years.

Even as London feels the wrath of the criminals using the frustration of Britain's disenfranchised people as an excuse to run amok, the cause of our loss of independent self-rule, the EU, continues to be extolled by the Prime Minister and his Chancellor of the Exchequer, read here "The trick for idiots succeeds" and here where the Chancellor, supposedly custodian of 'our economy' George Osborne urges more EU control, which eventually will inevitably enslave Britons too, as the answer to the Eurozone's problems, which have now allowed the insane and contradictory U turns of the ECB, to infect and endanger the entire world economy.

Ever More EU, must surely now be seen as the answer to nothing!

No EU for Britain is the sole starting point that has any chance for a return to legality, democracy and thereafter prosperity for all the people of Britain!

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